This past Saturday, 72 men attended a ManUp Breakfast in the Warehouse.  The guys enjoyed a variety of MANLY breakfast burritos, donuts, fruit and coffee. During breakfast, the men discussed questions about work – their first jobs, most interesting job, or any advice they would give to someone starting a new job.

After breakfast, we moved to the Big Room where Bevan talked on “How Personal Influence Grows.” He gave us four specific ways to bring our faith in Christ to the job.

  • Stop complaining and arguing.
  • Speak well of others.
  • Ask for forgiveness.
  • Work harder than you have to.

After Bevan spoke, Geoff Feltman shared about being intentional with your coworkers, building relationships, and how he was trying to share his faith on the job.

I talked to Frank who is new to Seabreeze and he shared his thoughts from the morning:

“This was the first time I had attended a Men’s Breakfast at Seabreeze. I was surprised by how many guys were there. Everyone was friendly and made me feel a part. The breakfast was good, but I really liked the pastor’s talk after breakfast about work. Recently, there have been some changes on my job and there has been a lot of chaos. I realized I need to work on not complaining this week. It will be hard, but I know it will help me have a better attitude and maybe help someone else.”

It was a great reminder for all of us that our words and actions at work do have an impact on those we work with.