As we prepare for Easter at Seabreeze, we want to make sure that we provide all our invited guests with the best possible environment to investigate and take that next step in their walk with God. Part of this experience, especially for a first time guest, is the appearance and functionality of the site as a whole. A negative experience in the parking lot, the bathroom, as well as other places onsite even before stepping foot into the auditorium can put a negative feel on the whole visit. Because of this we have the need for our campus clean-up day.

This year we decided to change the format in order to give people an opportunity to not only help clean, trim bushes and rake leaves but do so while encouraging each other through conversation. Each team had a volunteer leader, giving the leader an opportunity to shape values through leadership and the rest of the team the opportunity to shape values by following. This more intentional approach proved to add to the day as a whole. Not only did we get lots of work done with the 62 people that came, but in the smaller teams people got a chance to grow closer together and build relationships.

If you were not able to attend the day, I wanted to give you a glimpse into how the day impacted those that came, so I asked Mary Beth Miller to answer a few questions about the morning. Mary Beth led the hospitality portion of the morning, as well as a project organizing some of the storage of our hospitality equipment.

Why did you go to this event?

I love an opportunity to support our leadership team by using my love of providing a hospitable atmosphere for others to fellowship and serve. The church clean-up day is a great way for the church body to make our campus inviting for those who are coming to worship our Risen Lord on Easter. Our team provided snacks for the workers and kept them hydrated and encouraged throughout the morning.

Were you surprised by anything?

It was amazing to see how God brought the gentle rain overnight to soften the grounds and prepare them for weeding. Then, he brought the perfect weather when we arrived for a pleasant day of service. Thank you Lord!

Do you have any encouraging stories from this event?

My neighbor, who does not attend Seabreeze, joined our team to come and serve. We are grateful for her help and hope one day that she will join us regularly for services on Sunday.

Would you do it again?

Originally, I had plans for Saturday, but God opened up my calendar so that I could serve! I always enjoy working together to improve our campus, and providing a hospitable atmosphere for others to come learn more about the love of Jesus for them.

As we wrap up the Pray, Invest & Invite campaign, we are excited to see how many lives God will touch this Good Friday and Easter Sunday through us here at Seabreeze.