Good Friday

There was a still, calm, reverent peacefulness as people filled the auditorium for this year’s Good Friday service. Unlike the hustle and bustle of a Sunday morning, the Auditorium full of people kept relatively quiet, waiting for the service to start. The atmosphere in the building was different than most times we gather. It was evident what people were there for. A remembrance.

We gather on Good Friday to stop, remember and thank God for what he did that day many years ago. The worship songs, Mary’s testimonies and communion are all ways that we participated that evening. Bevan encouraged us to not just remember, but to take part in a remembrance. Not just to recall the facts, but to bring to our mind the tragedy that saved us all.

We were honored by all of you who came that night to stop and take part in this remembrance of the sacrifice of Jesus. Every year, our goal is to create a service that honors that sacrifice, but our hope is that we can remain in a state of remembrance. That we as a church will be quick to remember the death he took on for us. Quick to extend that grace to others. Quick to love. Quick to serve. Good Friday is over, but the need for grace and forgiveness still remains. Let’s remember that what God did for us, He wants to do for others. The people in our families, schools, jobs and neighborhoods are waiting for all of us to show them what it means to live that life. A life of forgiveness and grace. A life in remembrance.

Katie Marici, Worship Coordinator


HB Easter Egg Hunt and Family Fun Day

The 2017 HB Easter Egg Hunt and Family Fun Day on April 15th was a great opportunity to be involved in our community! Sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Huntington Beach and the City of Huntington Beach Community Services Department, it consistently draws thousands of people each year to the Sports Complex just across the street from Seabreeze. This year, Seabreeze was at a booth that gave away free goldfish to each child or family who threw a ball successfully into a small jar. It proved to be a difficult task, but we had a great time giving the fish away to those who won!

Throughout the day, over 25 volunteers from Seabreeze helped kids play the game, gave away candy, and handed out almost 1,000 of our free reusable grocery bags with Easter invitations inside. The game was very busy, which gave our volunteers plenty of time to talk to the parents as their kids tried to win a goldfish! It was a great opportunity to invite them to our Easter services the next day.

Participating in this event provided a fun and natural way to invite people to Easter, and our prayer is that many would come to know Him through our efforts.


Easter Grocery Bag Outreach

Easter Grocery Bag Outreach has continued to be a fun and practical way to invite our community to Seabreeze! There were over 10 volunteers from Seabreeze at two different grocery stores in Huntington Beach on April 15th, giving away our free reusable grocery bags with Easter invitations inside to customers entering each store. Throughout the day, over 400 bags and invitations were handed out! Our volunteers did a great job interacting with those they were giving bags to, showing kindness and generosity while inviting them to Easter.

Many of the customers entering the stores do not expect the bags to be free, so that’s usually a nice surprise for them! Seabreeze likes to meet the practical needs of our community, so providing free reusable grocery bags for customers at grocery stores makes a lot of sense to them. We are thankful for another successful Easter Grocery Bag Outreach!

Joanna Steinhaus, Outreach Coordinator


Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday started off like many other Sundays, just a little earlier due to the addition of the 7am service time. Throughout the course of the morning, over 1,500 people visited Seabreeze. There is no doubt the morning could not have been pulled off without the people of Seabreeze stepping up to serve. Some got up early to help with the additional early service. Some helped throughout the morning with the kids, or youth, or in the worship band, or greeting guests to our campus. Some stayed late to help take down and clean up after a long day. Everyone pulled together and made Seabreeze a truly welcoming and comfortable environment for guests to hear about being an authentic Christian.

Despite it being a long day, it is personally one of my favorites. To see so many new faces of those we have prayed for, invested in and invited is so exciting. Not only that, but it is also exciting to see how the people of Seabreeze come together and take time out of their days to put the needs of others above theirs. That is truly an “Us for Them” mentality. We are at Seabreeze, in Orange County, not for our own purposes, but to serve God and reach out to the community around us and many of you sacrificed on Easter to do just that.

Thank you to all of you who sacrificed your time to volunteer and to those who stepped out in courage and invited people to come to Seabreeze for Easter. Mark 10:45 says, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Let us continue to follow Jesus’ example of service as we reach out to our community!

Lance Unrau, Worship Pastor