Written by Dale Graham

It was my great honor to lead a trip to Germany June 14-23. Our partner in Germany is Connexxion. Connexxion’s goal is to reach the post-modern university students in Germany for Christ with a passion to penetrate the darkness with the Good News.

Our team with all the campus leaders from Connexxion. We worked with Robin Seeger (black shirt) in Jena.

Our team assisted the Connexxion ministry in putting on a conference in Cologne, Germany, for all of the Connexxion teams from across Europe.  Following the conference, our team assisted Connexxion in Jena, Germany, by handing out event flyers, conducting surveys, working events, and inviting and connecting with students who are new to Connexxion.

All the attenders at the Connexxion Conference in Cologne.

Our team consisted of Deejay Barcenas, Makena Crowe, Meghan Ostrosky, Mindi Risley and myself.

Below are some reflections from two team members:

Makena Crowe:

“For me, deciding to go on this trip to Germany goes further back than a couple months ago when I found out Seabreeze was having a mission trip. It goes back to college when I really was able to see regular people – my friends and mentors –  who were great people but were definitely not those ‘super Christians’ I thought missions was reserved for.

Our team provided decorations for the Connexxion conference with the theme, “Life Multiplied.”

They really challenged me to look at Matthew 28:18-20 and see that God calls us all to share and to go–that mission trips aren’t for the more spiritual or ‘special’ people, but they are for anyone who has accepted Christ as their Lord and is choosing to learn and follow Him as a ‘disciple.’

I think what blows me away is that no matter how many times I return to Germany (this is my 4th trip!) God is at work and is inviting us to be involved in the work in a different way than the previous time. Each time I go to Germany it is a different story that God is writing. Every time the team is so different and uniquely gifted and every time there is a different task or different way we meet the needs of those serving in Germany. It’s never boring and it always challenges my faith and helps to refocus my priorities and helps me to remember that God has bigger plans than I can imagine.

I am learning that wherever my feet are – is where God has placed me and that I need to be faithful where I am.

Mindi Risley:

“I have been following the Connexxion team for many years, praying and supporting them. On their trips to California, I have met many of them and I wanted to experience their ministry first hand and let God use me in Germany to be a blessing to them.

A BBQ we hosted with the Jena team for students and leaders from the university.

What I was most surprised about was the beauty of Germany for being such a ‘dark’ spiritual country. God’s beautiful creations were everywhere we went. Beautiful forests and rivers surrounding us always. I know the hearts of the German people are not tied to this beauty, but what an example of His creation.

He opened my eyes and heart to the people of Germany and a desire to go back again. I learned that with God I am capable of so much more than I ever imagined. I was pushed out of my comfort zone both physically and spiritually for His work and am so blessed to have been a part of it.”