This past Saturday, over 70 adults and kids gave up their Saturday morning to work on our church campus for our annual Fall Campus Clean Up. As many of you know, this happens two times a year (the second one is in the spring, right before Easter) and they assist the church staff and our weekly “6th Day Squad” group of volunteers in keeping our facility and landscape updated and cared for.

If you have never been to a Campus Clean Up event, this is one of the best ways to meet new people and this year was no different. I met several people whom I never knew (and they all were very hard workers to the very end). I also enjoy seeing the volunteers coming together, meeting new faces and combining their skills that produce quick results. How fun it was to see our church staff working with the volunteers side by side.

The focus this time was on re-painting our yellow areas (parking lot directional arrows, poles and sidewalk caution step transitions), trimming down and weeding the planter bed areas around the auditorium and sprucing up our entrance and exit areas along Prodan Ave. In addition, we also had a team build our large canopy shade covers in preparation for this Sunday’s Big Day BBQ. The combined efforts of those with paint brushes, rakes or pruning shears in their hands produced significant results. By noon, all the major goals had been accomplished, including some smaller tasks.

As you attend this Sunday’s new message series on Courageous Love, please join us right after our third service for our 2017 Big Day BBQ where you can look around our campus and appreciate the hard work that these volunteers contributed in making our campus shine.

-Written by Eric Brewer