Last Sunday, Seabreeze Church welcomed the fall season and its cooler weather with the Big Day BBQ. Bevan started a new message series called Courageous Love and segued into our celebration after the 11:30am service, providing us with food for thought as well as for our taste buds.

To me, courageous love means stepping out of our comfort zones and loving others. I observed some examples of this on Sunday while sitting with soon-to-be friends and serving in ways in which we were not accustomed…all with a cheerful smile.

One volunteer who attended many of the Summer Nights dinners this last summer remarked how she felt that she was a part of our community when she served. Another said that she doesn’t usually cook, but she sure cooked a lot on Sunday and made some delicious chicken that we all enjoyed!

There were plenty of activities for the kids. I even saw some “older” kids enjoying our table activities. The bounce houses provided a fun way to burn off extra energy that the cooler weather brings, and there was also an exciting scavenger hunt for kids to conquer!

It was amazing that the Food Serving Team was able to serve a very long line of people in about 20 minutes! As the event continued and more people came, we ended up feeding about 650 people! After all of the eating and playing was done and it was time to clean up, my heart soared to see so many people jump in to help. Tablecloths removed, trash collected, kitchen cleaned, tables folded and rolled away…an amazing display of hard work and comradery.

We were truly blessed to have such a wonderful event where we shared God’s Word and put it into practice. I hope everyone felt the love that permeated throughout our campus on Sunday!

Written by Carole Davis