This past weekend Seabreeze Young Adults packed up and headed to San Clemente to enjoy a weekend full of friends, beach camping, and Christ. From our arrival to our departure, the Lowrys so gracefully took care of all the details to ensure a successful and worry-free trip. Our days were spent beneath the sun with sand between our toes. Many of us spent the day playing a variety of sports from ultimate Frisbee to spike ball, while others read and enjoyed lounging in the sun. Our nights were shared huddled around a campfire with s’mores and hot chocolate in hand. Our campfire conversations varied from exploring the divine natures of God’s work in our lives to silly stories about rabbits and daffodils. All in all, it was a very fun weekend spent building deeper bonds amongst friends and enjoying the beauty of all of God’s work.
Hayley Barnes

“Breathe. Just breathe.” That’s how the Last Jedi movie teaser starts as Luke talks to Rey about The Force.  I know I am not the busiest person in the world or of people I know, but for me, it has been a very busy time. Subbing, coaching, and sports play-by-play takes up a lot of time and can bleed into weekends, so I had not had a weekend to relax in a while. When I saw I had no schedule conflicts, I made sure to keep the camping trip weekend open, and it was exactly what I needed. It allowed me to not worry about anything for a couple days. It allowed me to relax, talk, and get to know some people in the Young Adults group I had not known as well. Between eating as a group, sitting by the fire, or playing games on the beach, I had tons of fun. Going to sleep to the sound of the waves and looking at the glory of the heavens as I went to sleep reminded me of God’s beautiful creation and how even in the busiest of seasons, taking a pause to look around can give peace to the soul. While I was still tired because I am not the best camping sleeper, this weekend was perfectly timed for me and I enjoyed every minute of it.
Justin Burtis

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