Imagine Ariel the mermaid, Gandalf the Grey, Alice in Wonderland, Minions, Batman, multiple Harry Potter characters and Star Wars storm troopers all gathered in one spot. No, this wasn’t some hybrid SciFi/Disney/DC Comics convention or the backlot of a movie studio. This was our very own Seabreeze Trunk or Treat event this last Tuesday night right here in Huntington Beach!

Volunteers parked their cars in our main parking lot and decorated their trunks in fun themes of their choosing. Many also wore costumes to match their themes, thus the aforementioned list of characters. Add in all the fun costumes the children had on and it was a wonderful mish-mash of movie/TV/literature icons and a variety of animals, sea creatures, super heroes and pint-sized police officers and firefighters. There was candy aplenty and free hot dogs and chips for everyone to munch on. Family-friendly music was playing over the speakers and a photo booth was available which added to the lively atmosphere. There were even monitors set up so Dodger fans could watch the World Series game unfold during the evening.

Parents were having a great time ushering their children from car to car.  One volunteer remarked on how polite the children were. They were saying “Trick or Treat” when they approached a car and “Thank you” when they received their candy. Parents commented on how nice it was to have a friendly, safe place to bring their young children and to not have to worry about them seeing something scary or gory. Another volunteer added this comment, “It is fun to see the little ones we know in their costumes and celebrating!” A great evening all around for the children, the families and all of the volunteers.

We look forward to making Trunk or Treat an annual event so begin planning your trunk theme now for Halloween 2018!

Kathy Steinhaus
Kids Coordinator