On the weekend of November 10-12, we had 43 guys attend the ManUp Weekend at the Sa Ha Le Lodge in Big Bear. A few of the guys have shared their thoughts of the weekend below.

“Let me start out by saying that I have never been to a man-up weekend. Not with Seabreeze, not anywhere. I was a bit apprehensive about going as I did not know what to expect. Would I fit in? Within about 20 minutes of arriving I was happy that I came. Everyone was kind and welcoming. The fellowship was outstanding and the teaching was top notch. By the end of the teaching on the first night I had completely bought in. At the end of day 2, I was on fire for Christ. It was a weekend that I needed in many ways. It has refocused my path and I made great friends in the process. The only negative was the four extra lbs that I brought home from all of the great food.” – Bob C.

“I had a great time at the ManUp Weekend this year. The drive, the free time, the meals, and the group discussions were all full of good conversations and laughs. It was helpful to learn about the different foolish approaches to life, to identify which ones I struggle with, and to hear how to counter them. I was also challenged by one of Elliot’s points on behavior change. He mentioned that our approach to behavior change is usually just to change our scenery but what is really required is a change in the heart. If you weren’t able to make it this year, I encourage you to try to make it happen next year!” – Geoff F.

I would like to start off by saying that the group of guys from Seabreeze are the best and everyone of  us gets along so well.  There are no cliques which you might find at the work place.  With that being said…it was AWESOME!!  I had the privilege of being on the cooking crew and it was so great bonding with the guys in the kitchen and preparing food for all of the Men.  I really appreciated when Elliott taught us about peeling the onion in Session 2.  Stupidity, sin, the curse, Satan and God.  That really hit home and then getting into the small group and discussing it that was the icing on the cake.”  – Geno. M

 “The ManUp weekend was a blast! It was a great time for the men of Seabreeze to get together and connect, share and spend time together. The thing I really enjoyed about the weekend was the chance to meet other guys that you normally just see in passing at church and spend time getting to know them better. By talking to them, and listening to their stories, you realize that we are all going through the same things in our jobs, families and marriages as we live our daily lives.”   – Chip W.

“My key take-away was a reminder of how our “culture” forms our thoughts and beliefs (Foolish Strategies) and those ways are far from God’s way.  And we as Christian Men can positively influence people not only in direct contact and communication but in unspoken ways, as people around us are watching us and weighting what we do as Christians.  So often our example speaks louder than words” – Bill E.

“I had a great time in at the ManUp Weekend. Big Bear Lake is a beautiful, quite place where we were in contact with God and the nature. We share good time with all the brothers. The teachings of the word of God were great, made sense all of them. Everybody showed the  best of them self, like real brothers.  Good time playing games and hiking. I recommend all the men in church that didn’t had the opportunity to go next time. I’ll go next time again.” – Yul O.

“To those men who are new to Seabreeze and not yet well connected, or those that [think they] are naturally introverted, I say that the Manup weekend retreat is the perfect way to get involved.  Never have I met a more welcoming group of men, who go out of their way to include and engage all participants.  A sure-fire way to get involved is to volunteer to help with meals, sports/games coordination, or weekend planning.  I guarantee that when you get back from the weekend’s experience, you will have several new Seabreeze friends, with which to reminisce for many Sundays to come.”  – Scott D.