“Oh, don’t make me sing…”

That would have been my silly response to Christmas caroling in the recent years. Don’t get me wrong, I love to sing, but the thought of Christmas caroling as a “mature” adult kind of makes me ponder. I reckon all those years of caroling in choir at the Convent, in Junior High and High School, then Young Adult group at church many moons ago fulfilled my caroling quota!

So when Marybeth Miller suggested Christmas caroling in a local neighborhood to our Growth Group, I admit, for a second or so, I was surprised and hesitated. But the enthusiasm through Marybeth, Crystal and others in our group was just too infectious to turn down the offer!  And so the day came, on the afternoon of December 10, over a dozen of us brought our servant’s hearts, joyous spirits, along with cookies and little Poinsettias, and we embarked to spread our love for people through Christ ’tis this season at the Beachview senior community up the street from Seabreeze.

We marched through the community with our cheerful selves, seasonal attire and our pseudo-opera voices, belting our hearts out with all the old time favorite Christmas songs, like Jingle Bells, O Come All Ye Faithful, Hark! The Herald Angel Sing, O Holy Night and of course Silent Night, which we encored many times!!!  We knocked on every door to give out cookies, little poinsettias and invited many to join us at our Christmas Eve services!  Many residents came out of their homes to greet us and shared in our joy and fun as we caroled along the way!  The appreciation we received from their smiles and waves of approval, in addition to the pleasant surprises shown on their faces, were like fuel to our spirits!  We all were immersed in the Christmas spirit and I was certain that the Holy Spirit was singing along with us too as one resident proclaimed, “You guys sound really good!”

What a rewarding experience that was, not just the opportunity to spread the love of Christ with our neighbors, but it also awakened my own spirit, my sense of community, and most of all, my inner caroling VOICE!!!

And so from this Christmas on, “DO, make me SING….!!!!”

-Caterina Hall-Richards