As a church, we are privileged to team with many excellent partners as we seek to carry out God’s work. Some of our partners serve just down the street in our own community. Others serve halfway across the world in far off countries. Whether near or far, however, each of our partners represent people with a love for God and a love for others. They also each represent strategic opportunities for us to team together to help unchurched people become fully committed followers of Christ.

For the Christmas Offering, we are focusing on giving a special gift to three of these partners. The three partners are Bracken’s Kitchen, The 17:6 Network, and Biblical Church of Tokyo. Each of the them will equally share in the offerings given up to our goal of $150,000.

The Christmas Offering is a special opportunity for you to prayerfully consider a special financial gift to help people impacted by three of these ministry partners.

Here is how each of our partners is planning to use the offering to make an impact:

Bracken’s Kitchen

Your offering will help provide 300,000 healthy meals to people in financial crisis in Orange County. Bill Bracken, Seabreeze member and founder of Bracken’s Kitchen, also plans on using your donation to sponsor a chef training program to provide an employable skill to those in need, and to partially fund his second food truck.

17:6 Network: Fontana Church Plant

This is an exciting opportunity to give to the start of a new church! Your offering will be used to reach out to people in Fontana by funding relevant outreach events and to purchase the basic equipment that every church needs to operate such as sound equipment and other ministry equipment.

Biblical Church of Tokyo

Through this offering you will help our partners, Seiji and Kathy Oyama, launch a program that blesses and reaches out to single parent families in their community by providing meals and tutoring for their children. This will also help fund a church planting effort that has begun out of their ministry with a local preschool.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Christmas Offering this year! If you have not yet had a chance to contribute but would like to, the final day of the Christmas Offering is December 31st which means there are three days left to give! GIVE ONLINE