I am happy to introduce to you Seabreeze’s two newest Local Outreach Partners: Off The Streets – Huntington Beach and Robyne’s Nest. Both local organizations have developed unique and effective ways to help people in need in Huntington Beach. Read about what they do below and check out their websites to learn more about how they serve our community.

Off The Streets – Huntington Beach
off the streets huntington beach logoOff The Streets recognizes that there are those who are very motivated to get off the streets but need a hand-up to do so. Their approach combines a compassionate hand-up with personal responsibility to help families and individuals build a budget, pay a rental security deposit and furnish their new home. Their goal is to house 1,000 homeless by 2020. Of the people they help, 95% remain housed for the long term.

Robyne’s Nest
robynes nest logoRobyne’s Nest provides resources, funds and support to at-risk and homeless high school students in the Huntington Beach High School District. Many of these students have been abandoned, kicked out of their home or neglected. The vision of Robyne’s Nest is to educate and empower these teens to become stable, productive and contributing citizens of our community.

By partnering with Off The Streets and Robyne’s Nest, as with each of our other like-minded Local Outreach Partners, Seabreeze can serve people and demonstrate God’s love in practical ways. As we lend a hand to meet these physical needs we also build meaningful relationships in our community. As we build meaningful relationships we also pray for opportunities to introduce others to the one who meets not only our physical needs but our spiritual needs as well, Jesus Christ.

Keep an eye out in 2018 for opportunities to make an impact by getting involved with these two fantastic local organizations!

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