We all say we want to have a wonderful marriage. When asked point blank, we probably, would say we already have a reasonably happy marriage. And compared to most marriages around us, we are right in the middle of the pack, experiencing the same issues others are facing and keeping our heads just above water.
In truth it wouldn’t take much to throw the whole thing off…. a sick parent, a troubled kid, a financial surprise – good or bad – can surface all kinds of ways in which differences of opinion can mess with our carefully constructed marriages.

How do you navigate those “differences”? I use quotes because most people, deep down inside, believe their way is the right way and their spouse just needs to get in line with the program!
But for those of us who have been married for more than a week know, you can rarely be that direct with your spouse and still live in a happy household. We are tempted to use other tactics to bridge the gap, like guilt, manipulation, nagging … I think you get the picture.

But these tactics do not build up a marriage. They break it down. All relationships need tending, like a garden, or weeds will naturally grow up and choke out the growth.
Most couples want a fulfilling marriage, however other demands delay plans to improve our marriage.

Your marriage is worth the investment!


So, set aside a few hours, away from the kids and the distractions of life, and join us for this special time devoted to strengthening our marriages.


A Marriage Enrichment Conference: What Did You Expect?

Cost $10 pp: All married persons are encouraged to attend and everyone age 16 and older are welcome to attend.

When: Friday, March 9th
6:30 PM: Welcome & Introduction
6:35 PM: Teaching Session 1
QUESTION 1: What did you expect when you got married?
7:40 PM: Break
7:50 PM: Teaching Session 2
QUESTION 2: Whose kingdom rules your relationship?
9:00 PM Conclusion

Saturday, March 10th
9:00 AM: Welcome & Introduction
9:05 AM: Teaching Session 3
COMMITMENT 1: We will work together to build a sturdy bond of trust.
10:10 AM: Break
10:20 AM: Teaching Session 4
COMMITMENT 2: We will give ourselves to a regular lifestyle of confession and forgiveness.
11:30 AM: Conclusion

Where: Seabreeze Campus