In August of 1988, John Worcester started Seabreeze Church. He had been told that Huntington Beach was the “graveyard of new churches” because of the number of church starts that had failed in the previous 20 years. But God did the unusual and before John moved to northern California 2 years later to plant another church, Seabreeze had grown to 175.

In the summer of 1990, Bevan Unrau moved to Huntington Beach to be the next pastor of Seabreeze and has served as the Senior pastor since then. By 2002, the church had grown to about 700 and began to look for a permanent facility. This was a huge undertaking since the last time a church had been able to buy land and build in the city of Huntington Beach was 1973. But once again God did the unusual and on July 8, 2007 Seabreeze Church celebrated their first service on their new campus.

Since our inception, the people of Seabreeze have strived to live by seven Heart Attitudes, which are a practical summary of New Testament teaching on Christ-Follower behavior. Why? The attitudes of our heart always reveal themselves in our behavior. Though we can fool some people some of the time, sooner or later our behavior — the way we act toward others and God — reveals the true condition of our heart.

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