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Stories from Japan

by Seabreeze Church

On July 23, our Seabreeze team landed in Tokyo, Japan, and immediately began to appreciate the beauty of this incredible country. We were the grateful guests of Seiji and Kathy Oyama who pastor the Biblical Church of Tokyo. During our ten-day visit, we hosted two basketball camps, painted a church classroom, attended two Japanese traditional […]

Stories from East Asia

by Seabreeze Church

  This summer, I had the opportunity to lead the Seabreeze youth mission trip to East Asia. Along with two other teams from churches in the US, we ran a week-long English camp for kids from ages 10-16. The camp included lessons on language and culture, and every morning each class performed a skit based […]

Stories from Germany

by Seabreeze Church

Written by Dale Graham It was my great honor to lead a trip to Germany June 14-23. Our partner in Germany is Connexxion. Connexxion’s goal is to reach the post-modern university students in Germany for Christ with a passion to penetrate the darkness with the Good News. Our team assisted the Connexxion ministry in putting on […]

Stories from Canada: Geoff & Nicolette

by Seabreeze Church

We had the opportunity to go to Mississauga, Ontario in Canada with a group of young adults from Seabreeze to partner with Dave Strobel and The Journey Church. Elliot reached out to us and asked if we would be interested in going on the trip, and it seemed like a great next step for us. […]

Canada Student Missionary: Hannah’s 4-Month Update

by Seabreeze Church

We asked Hannah Cole, currently in Mississauga, Canada, to give us an update about her ministry with The Journey Church. What are you doing/ what are you working on? There are so many things going on right now! The Journey Church just had their one-year anniversary and we have already seen growth from that. Since […]

Knowledge is Power

by Missions Team

  “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  – Nelson Mandela Many kids in America may see learning as a burden or take it for granted, but our girls see it as a privilege. Of course there are days when I come in the morning for spoken English […]

I have decided…

by Missions Team

…my future career. Well, not exactly. I have always known that I wanted to be a nurse. I have dreamt about it since I was a little girl. Becoming a nurse was a done deal. It was the type of nurse I wanted to become that was uncertain. My trip to Northern Assam, and the […]

Hello India

by Missions Team

When people told me that India would be an assault on my senses, they could not have been more accurate. I have smelled, tasted, heard, touched, and seen things that I have not ever before – and probably never will outside of here. It is a compilation of confusion, awe, and wonder at the people, […]

Cassidy Marmion’s India Mission Blog

by admin

      Cassidy Marmion Blog while Serving at 7 Sisters   Cassidy left January 7 at 7:57 am from LAX. She flew into Newark, NJ at 4:22 pm. She was unable to meet her mission partner from another church, Corlene at the airport in Newark as Haley was snowed in.  So Cassidy kept her scheduled […]