Care Ministry

Dale Graham – Care Pastor

Our Care Ministry meets the needs of families and individuals at Seabreeze during life events and crisis moments. We have various teams and groups that serve to meet these needs. Below you will find additional information about serving on a Care Team or expressing interest in a Care Group.

If you have any additional questions regarding the Care Ministry, please contact our Care Pastor, Dale Graham – Click HERE.

Care Ministry Teams

VISITATION TEAM provides care to members and attenders by making brief visits and/or calls to the hospital or home.

HELPS TEAM provides short-term meals to Seabreeze Members and Attenders when they are experiencing a crisis or life-change.

NOTES OF ENCOURAGEMENT writes encouraging notes to reach out to people in time of need.

MEMORIAL TEAM assists the Care Pastor in hosting memorials and funerals at Seabreeze Church.

Interested in serving on one of the Care Teams? Do you have a need to communicate with the Care Pastor? – Click HERE

Care Ministry Groups

In addition to Care Ministry Teams, we offer the following groups based on the needs within our congregation.


DivorceCare is a 13-week program designed to help those in any stage of a separation, divorce, or remarriage.  Each week a different topic is addressed through a video presentation and small-group discussion featuring practical information and biblical teaching for recovering from divorce or separation.



is a 13 week program designed to help those who have lost a spouse, child, family member, or friend.   Each week a different topic is addressed through a video presentation and small-group discussion about biblical concepts for healing from your grief.



MovingTowardMarriage_logoMoving Toward Marriage is an interactive 9-week group for individuals who are engaged or considering engagement. The class is based on Biblical principles and God’s view of marriage and love.  Each week couples will receive teaching and tools to prepare them for a successful marriage through readings, presentations, homework, and assessments.

Interested in being included in future Care Groups? – Click HERE.