CLICK HERE to access F1GO

CLICK HERE to access F1GO Giving

Step 1: Identify your Username for F1GO and email address used by F1GO and F1Giving systems.

  • Your Username for F1GO account access is your First and Last Names with a period (.) connecting them. Example: F1GO Username: Joe.Smith

Step 2: Gain access to your F1GO account.

  • After clicking CHANGE F1GO PASSWORD, enter your F1GO Username (as stated above) then press Send Password to have an F1GO email sent to you that will contain your temporary F1GO password. Please be patient; it may take a few minutes to receive your email.
  • IMPORTANT: Read the entire email from F1GO, which will have simple instructions and another link to access your F1GO account and to change your F1GO password to something more memorable. Please note: your new memorable password must have a minimum of 8 characters.

Step 3:  Now you can create your F1Giving Account.

  • After clicking OPEN YOUR F1Giving ACCOUNT, then click First Time? New User Registration on the left.
  • IMPORTANT: When registering, ensure you use your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and New Memorable Password that you used in your F1GO account.

Step 4: Do this step only if you want to schedule giving via F1Giving:

  1. Go to your F1Giving account and log in. Click: F1Giving to log in.
  2. Click Scheduled Giving, left side of page.
  3. If you want to give by e-check, click on the top right, then fill in the schedule and check information requested OR fill in the schedule and credit card information.
  4. Click Activate Schedule after filling out the appropriate information.
  5. Return to these instructions.

Step 6: Do this step only if you own an Android or iPhone device or smartphone:

  1. Go to your device’s App Store (Google or Apple), then Search for the “FellowshipOne Go” App.
  2. Download the App and follow the instructions to install.
  3. Once installed, log in to the F1GO App:
    • Press domain, then put in our domain: seabreeze.
    • Type in your F1GO Username and Password, then press Sign In.
  4. When you enter the App, your name will appear at the bottom of the App and Give will appear in a blue banner (more categories may appear depending if you are a volunteer leader or staff member).
    • By pressing Give in the blue banner, you can make a one-time donation or set up a reoccurring donation.
    • By pressing your Name at the bottom of the App, then DETAILS, your personal information can be viewed and edited.
      • By pressing Giving, your giving history can be viewed. F1GO and F1Giving accounts use the same login.


Congratulations, you have completed your transition to F1GO and F1Giving!

CLICK HERE to access F1GO

CLICK HERE to access F1GO Giving