Global Outreach at Seabreeze

Outreach to our global communities is vital. Not only does Jesus want us to tell our neighbors about Him, but also those across the globe. Check out what Seabreeze did around the world in 2017!

Canada – The Journey Church

The Journey Church in Mississauga, Canada is led by Pastor Dave Strobel, a Seabreeze Church Missionary. Mississauga has a very diverse population of over 700,000 people, speaking something other than English. Visit The Journey Church Website at to read more about all they are doing to reach out to those in Canada!

In June of 2017, Seabreeze sent a team to The Journey Church in Mississauga. This team got the word out about the Journey Church by handing out flyers, hosting events throughout the week, and helping make Sunday morning a great success for the Journey Church. They had many opportunities to invest in people and share their faith with them.

Below is a blog about the team’s time in Canada, with some pictures too!

Stories from Canada: Geoff & Nicolette

Germany – Connexxion Ministries

Connexxion’s goal is to reach the post-modern university students in Germany for Christ with a passion to penetrate the darkness with the Good News. Visit the Connexxion Website at Seabreeze has sent teams in the past to several different cities in Germany. They helped Connexxion reach the “next generation” of believers by handing out event flyers, conducting surveys, working events, and inviting and connecting with students who are new to Connexxion.

In June of 2017, Seabreeze sent a team to Connexxion in Jena, Germany. This team assisted the Connexxion team with putting on a conference for all of the Connexxion ministries across Europe. Following the conference, the team assisted Connexxion in Jena with reaching out to students on the university campus as well as help the Gospel Church as needed.

Below is a blog about the team’s time in Germany, with some pictures too!

Stories from Germany

East Asia

In July of 2017, Seabreeze sent a Youth team to East Asia. Through the medium of a cultural exchange camp, the team built relationships with the local high school camp participants with the goal of sharing the truth with them and connecting them with a local church. The camp material had many cultural elements that were created as a means to sharing faith with these students. This team had many opportunities outside of the camp to invest in students and to share their faith with them. God used students in many powerful ways to change the lives of local students.

Below is a blog about the team’s time in Asia, with some pictures too!

Stories from East Asia

Japan – Biblical Church of Tokyo

The Biblical Church is doing work in and around Tokyo to reach Japan for Christ.  Bevan Unrau (SPnior pastor) and Matt Christl (Youth Pastor) went on a vision trip in December of 2016 to assess how Seabreeze might partner with the Oyama’s, who are missionaries who came out of Seabreeze.  Bevan and Matt came back with great reports of the work Seiji and Kathy Oyama are leading in Tokyo and we have determined to move forward with sending our first missions team to serve the Oyama’s in Summer of 2017.

In July of 2017, Seabreeze sent a team to the Biblical Church in Tokyo, Japan. This team assisted the Oyama family and their church staff to do various outreaches throughout the week, predominantly helping with a basketball camp for a local Junior High. The last few days of the trip, the Seabreeze team was a part of and assisted with a family camp.

Below is a blog about the team’s time in Japan, with some pictures too!

Stories from Japan