COVID-19 Survival Guide

In this time of such uncertainty, we would like to provide this survival guide as a resource for you. This guide will provide practical ideas and content to help you gain perspective and stay encouraged. This page will be updated regularly with new content, so keep coming back for more. We hope this is a help to you!

A Word from Bevan

Check out these encouraging videos from Bevan, Seabreeze's Senior Pastor.

Helpful Resources

Reading the Bible

God is a real person who desires a relationship with us. This is an important truth about God for us to hold onto. Because God desires a relationship with you and me, that means we have the opportunity to hear from God and talk with Him....

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Planning a Stay at Home Date Night

Investing in your marriage is a decision you will not regret. You know that you love each other. But use this time to remember how much you like each other. Laugh. Play. Connect. Recapture the joy of being with your spouse...

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Helpful Tips for Social Media and News

So far, my new free time has mostly been devoted to two things: 1) obsessively checking the news, and 2) streaming video and social media.  After less than a week, I can already tell this is not sustainable.  How then should we navigate our media and Internet use during this time…

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Are Mom and Dad Okay?

Our children are aware that something is going on and each child will respond differently to what they learn... but regardless of how your child is wired, there is one question that all kids need to have answered…

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Investing in Your Relationship with God

Reading the Bible...

An interview with Joanna

Reading the Bible...

An interview with Steve

Investing in Your Family

We have more resources for kids, students and parents! Click the link below.

Resources for Families

Binge-worthy Messages

Not sure how to spend your extra time? Longing for peace in the chaos? Check out these relevant past Seabreeze messages. Feel free to share a video with someone who could use the encouragement. You can watch below or go to the playlist on YouTube HERE

Seabreeze Worship Playlist

Here's a Spotify playlist with the songs that the Seabreeze band plays on Sundays. Enjoy!

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