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The Impact Continuum

Series: Be Different

How can we impact the world? With the help of community and God each of us are capable of making a difference, but first we may need to change something in ourselves. Listen in as we discuss how to become a person that God can use to make a significant impact.

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Take time to pray and focus your attention on God. Pray that God would speak to you and direct you on how to apply His Word to your life. If you are watching the service with others, pray as a group.

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  1. What part of your life needs some scaffolding?
  2. How can you humble yourself this week?

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If you have a preschooler, elementary student, or teenager at home, do the weekly family worship ideas with the whole family. You can decide to do these activities before or after watching the service.

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Speaker: Bevan Unrau
July 19, 2020

1 Peter 5:1-6

Senior Pastor

Bevan Unrau

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