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Who We Are

Seabreeze Church is located in Huntington Beach, CA (a.k.a. Surf City, USA). We are a collection of imperfect people who realize that we are all in need of life change that only God can bring. At Seabreeze, you can investigate Christianity at your own pace and without pressure.

Our History

In August of 1988, John Worcester started Seabreeze Church. He had been told that Huntington Beach was the “graveyard of new churches” because of the number of church starts that had failed in the previous 20 years. But God did the unusual and before John moved to northern California 2 years later to plant another church, Seabreeze had grown to 175.

In the summer of 1990, Bevan Unrau moved to Huntington Beach to be the next pastor of Seabreeze and has served as the Senior pastor since then. By 2002, the church had grown to about 700 and began to look for a permanent facility. This was a huge undertaking since the last time a church had been able to buy land and build in the city of Huntington Beach was 1973. But once again God did the unusual and on July 8, 2007 Seabreeze Church celebrated their first service on their new campus.

To really get to know us, we invite you to attend a worship service on a Sunday morning. We also have small groups, called Growth Groups, where you can learn about God and connect with others in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. In addition, one of the best ways to get to know us is to volunteer on a team. We would love to see you get involved!

Our Mission

Thoughtfully inviting broken people to experience transformation in Christ.

In Christ

The foundation of the mission statement is "in Christ." Our mission is founded on the understanding that God is real and while there may be many ideas about Him there is only one Him. And that there is a real problem between us and Him that needs to be resolved. It’s called sin. Sin is a problem that requires mediation. We can’t fix it on our own because we keep sinning. It’s like trying to get out of debt while taking on new debt. Only Jesus is able to pay for our sin and ransom us from that debt.

Broken People

The reason we need Christ is because our break with God has broken us. We are all broken and our world is broken. The experience of being broken and living in a broken world is something we all share. None of us can put the pieces together of our own broken lives. We all need someone to guide us. The only one who can do that is the one who is both Savior (reconciler) and Lord (guide), Jesus Christ.


Jesus isn’t just an enhancement to our life. He transforms us into something new. He takes the pieces of our broken past & puts them together into something entirely new. Transformation begins where it started, our break with God and then it works its way out and begins to build something new in us.


Transformation occurs not as we learn about Jesus but as we do what he says. The Bible is not a book of spiritual words for spiritual problems. It contains God’s building instructions that are necessary to build a life that can weather & survive the storms of this broken world. The transforming work of Jesus that puts us on a new foundation occurs as we move forward in this life & take his step by step guidance. 


How is anyone ever going to hear about this? God has committed to us a critical part: the message. What that means is that if we don’t open our mouths, people won’t hear about this. The message of Jesus is best delivered in a relationship where the person being invited to consider Christ can both hear and experience the message. As we love people and as they see us face the storms of our life, they get a chance to experience the message not just hear it. We invite people to consider Jesus. We don’t tell them what to do. 


It’s as we take the time to think about and consider the people in our life that we begin to see that they are broken like us. They move from being just people we like or don’t like to being someone who needs the transformation just like we do. 

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