Student Ministry


The Seabreeze Student Ministry is a place where junior high and high school students can explore their faith, discover what it looks like to follow God, and build relationships with other students. Students Midweek is on Wednesday nights from 7:00-8:30pm in the Student Hangout. Each week we hang out, play a game, worship, and meet in small groups to discuss the Bible and how we can apply principles from it to our lives. Groups are split up by age and gender to help teenagers build closer relationships with other students and to facilitate a safe place for students to ask tough questions.

We also have student services for Jr. High and High School on Sundays during the 9:00am service. Jr. High and High School meets in the Hangout in the Student Building. We would love for your student to join us!

When left to our own devices, I am convinced that we do not have the ability to build a life of lasting joy and peace. That was my story until high school when a relationship with Jesus Christ radically changed my life. Since deciding to trust Christ to forgive my sins and devoted my time and energy to intentionally following him, I have experienced the kind of full life only he offers.

For many youth or student programs, the main focus is “fun.” The hope is that students are distracted from doing wrong things. We certainly want students to have fun, it’s a part of most things we do. But our greatest aim is for students to experience the truth of the Bible and develop a deep relationship with God that lasts a lifetime.

Because of that desire, the Student Ministry is an intentional ministry. When a student comes, we want them to experience the Christian life in a pressure-free environment that will allow them to explore a relationship with God. Our goal is to thoughtfully invite students to experience transformation in Christ as we partner with parents to help their teens develop a faith of their own. I invite you to check out what we do sometime soon!

-Andrew Mace, Student Pastor