Kid's Ministry

The Seabreeze Kids Ministry is where your children can creatively explore the Bible and discover Jesus in a safe environment. We offer free childcare for babies and free kids classes for toddlers through the fifth grade during all Sunday morning services.

Kids classes are currently located outside. Toddlers through 4-year-olds meet on the lawn next to the Courtyard. Kids ages five through fifth grade meet in the fenced off area in the Courtyard. Childcare for infants is available in Room A located in the Youth and Kids Building.

I'm new, what should I expect?


Once you arrive on the Seabreeze campus, head to the Kids Kiosk which is located in the CourtyardAt the Kid’s Kiosk, a volunteer will greet you and show you how to check in. Once you check in, you will be able to print your child’s name tag and a Guardian Receipt. This is the receipt you will use to pick up your child after the service.


From the Kids Kiosk, a volunteer will lead you to your child's class and introduce you to the leaders in the classroom. This is where you can drop off your child while you attend the worship service. Your child will be welcomed into an hour of fun and biblically based learning. Drop off anything your child needs with the classroom teacher. 

We value your child’s safety, so we provide a nurturing, safe and secure environment. All Kids Ministry volunteers are background checked and are members of Seabreeze Church. You are welcome to write down your number for the volunteers so they can contact you during the service if needed.


After the service is over, you can pick up your child from their class by presenting the Guardian Receipt you received during check-in.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if my child needs me during the service?

If you are needed for any reason, a volunteer will send you a text.

How do you screen leaders in the Kids Ministry?

All Kids Ministry Leaders are background checked and are members of Seabreeze Church.

How are kids classrooms divided?

Kids are divided into the following classes to provide more focused instruction and to minimize distractions.

Boys & Girls Together
: Babies (non-walkers), Toddlers (walkers – 2-years old), Pre-school (3 & 4-years old)  

Boys & Girls in Separate Classes: 5 years old - 5th grade.

Do I have to pay for my child's class?

No, all of our kids classes are free!

Can I take my child into the main service with me?

We realize that there may be circumstances when it doesn’t make sense to check your child into his or her class. For those instances, children are welcome in the Auditorium, or if they need to wiggle around a bit more, the outdoor viewing area on the Patio is a great place to watch the service.

At Home Family Resources: April 18, 2021

During this time, we understand that it may make the most sense for you to participate in our Sunday Worship Service at home. That is why we have provided the same resources that our Kids Classes will use on Sundays in order to help you create an at home Sunday class experience for your kids. Use the ideas below, or come up with your own, to create an at home Sunday worship experience that the whole family can enjoy.

Click HERE to view the Wonder Video and So & So Show archives.



Wonder Video


Early ChurchActs 2:42-47

Play with Purpose

Repeat the Beat
Have everyone sit down and tell them you will clap a rhythm. Remind them to listen to the rhythm very closely. Then have them repeat the rhythm. Let everyone take turns leading the clapping.

   Suggested patterns:
   Tap/ Tap tap/ Tap/ Tap
   Tap/ Tap/ Tap/ Tap
   Tap tap/ Tap/ Tap tap/ Tap
   Tap/ Tap/ Tap tap/ Tap
   Tap/ Tap tap/ Tap/ Tap tap
   Tap tap/ Tap/ Tap/ Tap

Say: That was so fun. We all listened closely so we could repeat the beat. We did what the clapper did. Today, we learned how to LOVE like Jesus. He really knows how to love. Let’s try to do the same!


Pray something like this:

"Dear God, thank you for the example of the believers in the Bible. They were kind to each other, shared their things and helped people that needed it. Help us to be kind, sharing and helpful to others just like they were. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen."

Additional Resources

Coloring Page (PDF)
Maze (PDF)



so & So Show


Isaac’s WellsGenesis 26:1-6, 12-22, 26-31

Play with Purpose

Well, Well, Well
 ·  Using painters’ tape or masking tape, make four circles in the four corners of the room. These are the “wells.”
 ·  Lead your family in a mash-up of “sardines” and “four corners.”
 ·  Stand in the center of the room and have everyone mingle around you as you close your eyes.
 ·  Count down from ten to one.
 ·  As you count, everyone else chooses a circle, moves to it, and stands with one foot touching it.
 ·  When you say, “One,” everyone must freeze.
 ·  Point to one of the circles then open your eyes, and say, “I’m going to fill this well with dirt!.” Everyone by that circle must quickly move to one of the other circles.
 ·  Declare that circle off limits and begin another round.
 ·  For the second and third rounds, say, “This well is mine!” as you point to the circles.
 ·  Play until everyone is standing around one circle.
 ·  Repeat several times with others taking turns to be the “counter.”

The Philistines filled Isaac’s wells with dirt then took two wells from him! Was that fair? (No!) Isaac could have chosen to fight the Philistines, but instead he chose to stay strong and walk away—THREE TIMES IN A ROW! And because Isaac chose not to fight, God blessed him with peace. God wants us to make peace, too. One way we can make peace is to walk away from a fight. Sometimes that can be really hard, but God can help us.


Pray something like this:

"Dear God, thank you for caring for us so much that you sent Jesus, the Prince of Peace, to sacrifice Himself for us. Thank you for giving us peace in our hearts that allows us to live in peace with others, no matter what the circumstances. Thank you that we can make peace with others. We love You, and we pray these things in Jesus’ name, amen.”

Additional Resources

Coloring Page (PDF)
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