Kid's Ministry

The Seabreeze Kids Ministry is where your children can creatively explore the Bible and discover Jesus in a safe environment. We offer free childcare for babies and free kids classes for toddlers through the fifth grade during all Sunday morning services.

Kids classes are currently located outside. Toddlers through 4-year-olds meet on the lawn next to the Courtyard. Kids ages five through fifth grade meet in the fenced off area in the Courtyard. Childcare for infants is available in Room A located in the Youth and Kids Building.

I'm new, what should I expect?


Once you arrive on the Seabreeze campus, head to the Kids Kiosk which is located in the CourtyardAt the Kid’s Kiosk, a volunteer will greet you and show you how to check in. Once you check in, you will be able to print your child’s name tag and a Guardian Receipt. This is the receipt you will use to pick up your child after the service.


From the Kids Kiosk, a volunteer will lead you to your child's class and introduce you to the leaders in the classroom. This is where you can drop off your child while you attend the worship service. Your child will be welcomed into an hour of fun and biblically based learning. Drop off anything your child needs with the classroom teacher. 

We value your child’s safety, so we provide a nurturing, safe and secure environment. All Kids Ministry volunteers are background checked and are members of Seabreeze Church. You are welcome to write down your number for the volunteers so they can contact you during the service if needed.


After the service is over, you can pick up your child from their class by presenting the Guardian Receipt you received during check-in.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if my child needs me during the service?

If you are needed for any reason, a volunteer will send you a text.

How do you screen leaders in the Kids Ministry?

All Kids Ministry Leaders are background checked and are members of Seabreeze Church.

How are kids classrooms divided?

Kids are divided into the following classes to provide more focused instruction and to minimize distractions.

Boys & Girls Together
: Babies (non-walkers), Toddlers (walkers – 2-years old), Pre-school (3 & 4-years old)  

Boys & Girls in Separate Classes: 5 years old - 5th grade.

Do I have to pay for my child's class?

No, all of our kids classes are free!

Can I take my child into the main service with me?

We realize that there may be circumstances when it doesn’t make sense to check your child into his or her class. For those instances, children are welcome in the Auditorium, or if they need to wiggle around a bit more, the outdoor viewing area on the Patio is a great place to watch the service.

Mid-Week Sunday Review: June 13th, 2021

Hey parents, are you looking for fun mid-week activities to do with your kids?
Below are some resources you can use to reinforce what your kids learned about the previous Sunday at Seabreeze.


Israel Captures JerichoJoshua 5:13-6:16 & 6:20

Seven Circles
Grab some construction paper, assorted colors if possible, and cut out seven circles. Write a number, #1–#7 on each circle, putting only one number on each circle. Tape the circles in numerical order on the floor about a foot apart in a zig-zag pathway.

Say: My plan is to have us all hop from circle to circle and say the number as we hop. Let’s go!

Have everyone hop, counting as they hop. When they hop on the first circle they will say, “One” and so on to the number seven. Repeat several more times, taking suggestions on how to move from number to number – crab walk, tippy toes, frog jump, etc.

Say: You are so good at counting! I love that you followed my plan! God has a plan for all of us, too, just like he had a plan for Joshua and his friends. And just like Joshua, we can trust God and follow his plan! Who can trust God? We can trust God!

Pray something like this:
Dear God, thank you for using the story of Joshua to show us that we can follow your plans even when we might not understand how they will work out. Help us to remember that you love us and that your plans are the best. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Additional Activities: Coloring Page, Maze


Israel Captures JerichoJoshua 5:13-6:16 & 6:20

Shout! Trump! March! Fall!

  • Using the questions below, quickly review the story.
  • Place some blocks in the middle of the floor or on a table and have your family build a tower out of the blocks.
  • Let everyone know you will be playing a game called “Shout! Trumpet! March! Fall!” When you call out one of the four different directions, they will do what you direct them to do:
    • Shout: Put their hands to their mouths and shout “Obey God!”
    • Trumpet: Form your hands like they’re playing a trumpet and make some “trumpet sounds.”
    • March: March in a circle around the tower.
    • Fall: Try to be the first one to knock down the tower.
  • Call out your action words in random order and quickly.
  • Instruct everyone to rebuild the tower as quickly as possible if it’s knocked down so you can continue on with the game.
  • Alternate who is the “caller” and have fun!

Review questions:

  1. Who was the leader of the Israelites when God told them to conquer Jericho? (Joshua)
  2. Who met Joshua and told him the plan to march around Jericho? (Commander of the Lord’s Army)
  3. How did God instruct His people to attack Jericho? (by marching around the city and blowing trumpets)
  4. What were the men supposed to carry with the as they marched? (the Ark)
  5. How many days did God’s people march around the city? (seven days)
  6. How many times did they circle the city on the last day? (seven times)
  7. What happened on the seventh day after they marched the seventh time around the city and everyone shouted? (the walls came down)

Say: God’s plan may not always make sense. Can you imagine how the Israelites felt? Marching around a city and blowing trumpets in order to conquer it? That doesn’t really seem like the best plan, does it? The awesome thing is that we can trust God, no matter what. We can be confident in God’s plans even when they don’t make sense because we know he is always working for good. No matter what God’s plans look like, we can have confidence that God’s plan is the best plan.

Pray something like this:
Dear God, we thank you for always working for good. When our own plans don’t work out or look how we thought, help us remember that God’s plan is the best plan. This week, please show us all of the opportunities we have to follow your plans. We pray these things in Jesus’ name. Amen!

Additional Activities: Coloring Page, Word Search