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Engage in A Learning Environment

One of the ways to grow at Seabreeze is to engage in a learning environment. Throughout the year Seabreeze offers a variety of Sunday morning classes, training programs, and conferences with helpful content to assist you in taking next steps to grow in your walk with God. Check out the upcoming classes below and learn about training opportunities at Seabreeze.

Upcoming Events

Explore Seabreeze

Explore Seabreeze is the process of becoming a member of Seabreeze. It is a series of steps that allows you to learn more about our church and decide if this is the church you want to commit to being a part of. There are three Steps: Preview, Discover, Commit.

STEP 1: Preview

A one-hour class where you will learn more about our purpose, mission, history, and how you can grow at Seabreeze.

STEP 2: Discover

A two-hour class that builds on the information presented in Preview. This class explores how we are structured, our statement of faith, and our convictions on key topics.

STEP 3: Commit

This is a conversation. After attending both Preview and Discover, you can decide if Seabreeze is the church for you. We will set up a conversation to get to know you better and talk about your membership at Seabreeze.

Additional Information about Membership:

People often relate to the church in one of three ways. Some people are fans of the church. They really like what the church does and cheer for the success of the church. Other people are supporters of the church. They have decided to make contributions to help the church move forward. Then there are members. The members are those who have raised their hands and said, “I want to get onto the field of play and do what it takes to move the mission forward.”

Membership at Seabreeze is an annual commitment. Members have…

  1. Decided to follow Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior,
  2. Been baptized by immersion since making their decision to follow Jesus,
  3. Committed to not living in opposition to the Bible, and 
  4. Committed to practicing the Seabreeze Heart Attitudes.

Training Programs

One of the values we have at Seabreeze is Wisdom Requires Training. This comes from various passages in the Bible, including 1 Timothy 4:7-8, "...train yourself to be godly. For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come." Because of this, we aim to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to follow Jesus as they navigate the complexities of life. Antioch Project, NorthStar, and Horizon are three training programs developed in partnership with the 17:6 Network that we offer regularly.


Horizon is an eight-month training program designed to help people build a strong foundation for living a life centered around God. The program's goal is to provide the necessary perspective and values to lead a God-centered life, helping develop a vision for following Jesus and joining Seabreeze Church to achieve our mission of inviting broken people to experience transformation in Christ.

Through the Horizon program, our goal is to help people learn the basics of living a life that pleases God. This includes reading the Bible, developing practical habits for Christian living, studying what God says about different areas of life, and learning to choose His ways. The program is designed for those who are motivated to take some initial steps of walking with God.


NorthStar is a two-year training program designed to develop potential leaders in the essentials for navigating the Christian life, helping them learn how to be an effective leader in church, career, family, and other spheres of influence.

The primary objective of NorthStar is to cultivate leadership qualities, enabling people to take responsibility for their personal growth and invest his/her life in God's Kingdom. This two-year program will help build a foundation of discernment as people follow Jesus, enhance their ability to share the Gospel with others and learn how to lead in the church.

The Antioch Project

The Antioch Project is a five-year ministry training program for those pursuing vocational ministry. It's a unique program that focuses on character development and leadership skills. It combines classroom training, personal study, hands-on training in ministry, and mentoring/coaching in ministry.

Students of Antioch Project can earn a Master of Divinity degree, accredited by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) through Antioch Project Immerse offered by the 17:6 Network through their partnership with Northwest Baptist Seminary in British Columbia, Canada. For more information on this program visit