Growth Groups at Seabreeze

by Seabreeze Church on June 26, 2019

Our Growth Groups are a gathering of people who meet once a week to dig deeper into God’s word. Depending on the group, we may be taking the Sunday message deeper or having a special study to examine the Bible further. My group has always enjoyed these special studies which involve videos and discussions. During this time together, not only do we grow closer to God, but we meet and grow friendships as we learn and share in a relaxed, comfortable setting.

There is no pressure to share or finish all your homework, just being there is important for the group. Through my involvement in Growth Groups, I have made lifelong friends and have seen many women really grow in their faith. I most enjoy leading a group for those reasons. To see other women blossom and come out of their comfort zones is such a blessing.

During each of our sessions, we volunteer to help with a Seabreeze or community project. Whether we are cracking eggs at a food kitchen, pulling weeds at Seabreeze or making crafts at a senior home, it is always a joyful time to help others.

Many of the women from my Growth Groups have ventured out and now volunteer on a regular basis on Sunday mornings. It is such a joy to see them serving and making an impact for our guests and regular attendees too. Some women are involved in the women’s ministry, hospitality team, and many other opportunities.

One commitment we make each week is to pray for each other. Thinking back over these prayers, I am encouraged; God has been very faithful in answering prayers, providing encouragement and bringing us all closer. Just last weekend I was able to spend time with one lady from my group who had moved away a few years ago. It was nice to catch up with her and hear how God is continuing to work in her life and present “out of her comfort zone” opportunities.

If you have not been in a Growth Group before, I encourage you to give it a try. You will meet some wonderful people, learn more about God and his word and maybe enjoy a snack or two!

–Mindi Risley, Growth Group Leader

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