Introducing... a New Website!

by Lance Unrau on August 27, 2019

Welcome to Seabreeze Church's new website. I'm excited to reveal this project that the team has been working on for quite some time.

Why a new website?

We decided a few months back that our digital "front porch" could use a clean up and remodel, similar to why we recently renovated our restrooms. Here are a few of the main reasons for the new site. 

1. We wanted people who don't normally go to church to get an accurate and more complete view into the Seabreeze community. We want people to see us online, then visit and say, "that matches what I saw online." For this reason, the site is very image driven, showing what things are like at Seabreeze. You'll notice lots of pictures and galleries throughout the site.

2. We wanted people to get answers to their questions quickly, but also guide them to the next step that's best for them. If you experienced the old website, especially on a mobile device, you know that it was a bit tough to figure out where to go. We have tried to simplify the options for people to click and focus people towards attending a worship service on Sunday morning.

Who we made the website for

There are two main groups of people we had in mind while we created the website. 

1. People who don't normally go to church. If someone is navigating to a church website, odds are they are looking for something spiritual. They are obviously open to exploring something because they have navigated to a website for a church. Because of this, all of our content and images are aimed at helping that person get a great understanding of who we are and what they can expect if they come visit. For these people, the main next step is simply to come visit us for a Sunday worship service. That is the best way to get to know what Seabreeze is all about. We aim to give people information about God, the Bible, and the church, but we do so in a way that allows them room to explore without pressuring them into anything. That group of people was the primary consideration in creating this website.

2. Secondarily, we wanted this to be a resource to the people of Seabreeze as they invite their friends, family, neighbors, and others to check out what the Christian life is all about. We wanted this website to be a tool to help connect friends that don't normally go to church. We believe that the primary way the good news about Jesus is shared is through relationships. It's as those who believe in Jesus share their lives with others that opportunities come to explain what Jesus did so that people can either accept it or not. A website can never be the primary way the good news about Jesus is spread, but it sure can help! The great thing about a website is that there's no risk in visiting. There is risk when talking with people or asking questions, but a website is risk free. So as those of us who attend Seabreeze interact with people who don't, our hope is we can say "check out the website" more often and that it actually will be a helpful resource. 

As with anything new, there will be a bit of adjusting for all of us who are used to the old website. Go explore the site and have fun clicking around!

I pray that God would use this website to help many in our community experience His love for them.

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