Mother's Day Ideas

by Dale Graham on May 05, 2020

Mother’s Day 2020 is this Sunday, May 10th, and it’s probably going to be a little different this year! The holiday is often celebrated with family get-togethers in homes—accompanied by plenty of in-person hugs and kisses. But as the coronavirus pandemic restricts where we can go and makes social distancing a new norm, many of these traditions will have to be postponed to another year.

This is the Mother’s Day for men to honor the MOMS in our lives like no other. Whether it’s your wife, your mom, your daughter or another influential mother in your life, this is the year to celebrate them, and it is your time to make sure it happens.

Whatever your situation, there are plenty of opportunities to make this Mother’s Day one she’ll always remember. Below are some ideas to spark your plan: 

  • Make a plan – Start now: Think about what is appropriate for your family and achievable – Gifts, cards, food, activities, get togethers, engaging the family, etc. With limits of social distancing, you may need to get creative. But don’t let the limits prevent you from making the day special.

  • Ask “your” Mom – If you have no clue what to do, ask the mom in your life about her desires.  Then make it happen!

  • Gifts – This might be challenging to accomplish at this time, but some type of gift, whether it is something you purchase, order or make, will be most appreciated. A few simple ideas: flowers/plants (most markets have nice inexpensive bouquets), gift cards (for when shopping reopens), something handmade, something to support her current hobby or one she has been considering, a memory keepsake, etc. Keep delivery dates in mind – order early. Remember, don’t buy anything pandemic related like a mask!

  • Cards – A thoughtful card is always a winner. Purchased or homemade doesn’t matter, but including a handwritten note to express your thoughts is key. Do you have young kids?  Help the kids make a card for mom. Maybe use the sheets attached for a fun activity.

  • Food – Whether it is breakfast in bed or a 5-course candlelit dinner, include food in your celebration. Here are a few simple ideas: pancake breakfast, meal from her favorite restaurant, picnic in the backyard, BBQ, latte and pastry from her favorite coffee shop, deli sandwiches enjoyed in a car picnic. Don’t forget to be in charge of clean-up.

  • Photo/Videos – Mark the day with a video of the kids and family wishing mom a special day by sharing a favorite memory. Get dressed up and take photos before or on the day. Ask a neighbor to do a PORCH PHOTO – use social distancing but get a family photo.

  • Bring the family together through technology – This can be as simple as making a phone call, planning a Game Night, sharing a meal or just having a conversation on Facetime/Skype/Zoom if you live far away. Remember spending time with mom is the priority.

  • Kids – Appropriately include your kids in the plan no matter the age. Don’t just hope it happens, MAKE IT HAPPEN.

  • Difficult situations – Mother’s Day may be a difficult day for some due to strained relationships or deceased moms.  While taking that into consideration, still take the opportunity to honor your “moms” by reminding them of their value in our lives.

  • Don’t forget the other moms in your life – Reach out to other special women in your life: an aunt, sister, “adopted” mom, single moms and influential moms. A phone call, email, or note will be a great encouragement to them.

Bottom line - Mother’s Day this year won’t look like it usually does, but the feelings can be just as strong. The coronavirus pandemic has forced us all to readjust and rethink how we usually do things. Instead of letting that discourage us, we all have an opportunity to be creative and make holidays and family occasions more memorable during this time, and perhaps even more special than they were in previous years. The moms in our lives will appreciate the gesture!

Here are a couple pages your kids can use to help celebrate Mom!
Fill-in-the-blank Mother's Day Poem
Happy Mother's Day Coloring Sheet

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