Planning a Stay at Home Date Night

by Elliot Edwards on April 08, 2020

Last week Alli and I went on a date to “Edwards’ Putt-Putt”. I designed a course through the house. The first hole involved a foam roller under the rug in the hall which created the obstacle. One of the holes involved standing on a balance board. We used tennis balls instead of golf balls. Each hole also came with a question to answer: What was your favorite memory from 2019? What do you look forward to most after the quarantine is lifted? What’s a strength of your spouse that you appreciate? Etc. We talked. We laughed. It was fun. And it was all inside our home and incorporated items we already had.

Investing in your marriage is a decision you will not regret. You know that you love each other. But use this time to remember how much you like each other. Laugh. Play. Connect. Recapture the joy of being with your spouse.

When planning a stay-at-home date night, here are a few considerations:

  1. Think Practical. What could you realistically do in your home? Consider the timing and wait for the kids to go to bed.
  2. Think Special. Do something out of the ordinary. Consider what your spouse would enjoy.
  3. Think Activity. Don’t be in a rush. Take your time.

Important Tip:

  • Put the phones away. Turn them off. Put them in another room. The purpose is to connect. Be strategic to prevent anything from interrupting your time.

At Home Date Ideas:  

  • Play indoor mini golf or croquet. Going to Boomers and playing mini golf is a date night go-to for many. Get creative and set up “holes” all around the house.
  • Make a puzzle together. Building a puzzle as a couple has an amazing way of getting conversation going.
  • Play couples Scattergories: The laughs are guaranteed as you play this couples Scattergories game.
  • Do some art: Get out the paint supplies (colored and markers count), some paper, and begin your masterpiece. Idea: draw portraits of each other. Don’t get offended at your spouse’s lack of accuracy.
  • Play the kid’s video games: team up in Call of Duty or Mario Cart.
  • Play a board or card game: Keep it relaxed. Add a few new rules just for fun.
  • Create a “post coronavirus” bucket list: Where do you want to travel to together? What activities do you want to do? What will be the first restaurant you go to? Any national parks on the list? Use your creativity.
  • Highlight the last 12 months: Both of you write down 5 highlights from the past year. Then talk about your lists. Any differences? Anything you forgot?
  • Have themed nights: Eat Mexican food, make homemade churros and watch Nacho Libre. Have spaghetti, eat gelato, and watch the Italian Job.

Think of this list as a starting point. What is practical? What would be special? What is an activity you and your spouse would enjoy?

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