Seabreeze Story Time Week 1

by Kids Ministry on September 30, 2020


"Hey! Say, Pray, Obey"  Overview:

Play with Purpose:

SST Episode #1 Game: Slap Jack

Summary: Slap the jacks and any called cards.
Goal: Have all the cards in your hand.
Preparation: A deck of cards.


  1. Slap all Jacks. If a Jack is flipped, then the first person to slap the jack will win that particular pile.
  2. Slap the card if it matches a called number.
  3. The game plays clockwise.

How to Play Slap Jack:

  1. Shuffle and deal all the cards equally to all players. Each player must hold his card pile facedown. The person on the left of the dealer plays first.
  2. The player starts by flipping over his top card, while saying “ace”- the first card of value. The next player flips over his top card while saying “2” and puts the card on top of the previous card. The next player flips over his top card while saying “3”, and so forth in sequence (once reaching the King, the sequence repeats again). If the flipped card reveals the same number being said, everyone slaps the card. Or if a Jack is flipped, no matter the number that is called, everyone slaps the card. The first person to slap the card will get all of the cards in the pile.
  3. The person to gather all the cards wins the game.

Lesson point and question: It might make you angry if you aren’t the one to slap the card first. We can all get competitive when we play games and we want to be the winner. But, like in life, things don’t always go the way we want them to. How can you play “Slap Jack” and still have fun even if you don’t win?

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