Seabreeze Story Time Week 3

by Kids Ministry on October 14, 2020



"Hey! Say, Pray, Obey" Overview:

Play with Purpose:

SST #3 – Family Projects

Sit with your family and think through some volunteer opportunities you can do together to help others. Here are a few ideas:

  • Donate food to a local homeless shelter.
  • Take pet supplies to an animal shelter.
  • Offer to buy and deliver groceries to an elderly neighbor.
  • Offer to weed and mow someone’s lawn.
  • Offer to wash someone’s car.
  • Offer to walk someone’s dog.
  • Draw pictures and arrange to have them delivered to a nursing home or to someone you know who needs cheering up.
  • Send notes of appreciation to your local police, fire fighters and first responders.
  • Send notes of appreciation to members of the military.
  • Send notes and pictures to the local VA Hospitals.
  • Make cloth masks out of fun material and deliver them to friends and neighbors.
  • Contact specific charities for which you would like to volunteer.


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