Seabreeze Story Time Week 5

by Kids Ministry on October 28, 2020


"Hey! Say, Pray, Obey" Overview:

Play with Purpose:

SST #5 – Game - BORED:

This game is similar to the game SPUD. All you need is a pair of balled-up socks.
• Choose one person to be “It” and have them stand with everyone else circled around them about an arm’s length away.
• “It” tosses a pair of balled-up socks straight up into the air while everyone starts to run away.
• When “It” catches the socks, he/she yells “Bored!” and everyone freezes.
• “It” then tries to hit someone with the socks. The person can try to dodge the socks, but they can’t move their feet.
• If the person is hit, they become the new “It” and they earn the letter B. The game starts again with the new “It” in the middle.
• If the person isn’t hit, the original “It” earns the letter B and the game starts again with the same person as “It”.
• Players are out when they earn all five letters – B-O-R-E-D. The last player in is the winner.

Say: Just like we had to really pay attention in order to dodge the socks, we have to really pay attention when we become bored. We need to make sure we’re not just wasting our time. We need to find opportunities to please God and to be helpful and constructive.

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