The Second Saturday Spruce-Up was awesome. I had been unable to go to the previous Spruce-Ups because of my schedule. Even though this was my first one, I fit right in and enjoyed working alongside other volunteers. This month our teams worked to clean up the planters that surround the parking lots. One team cleared out weeds and overgrown plants around the parking lot by the kids building. My team worked on the planters along Gothard Street, laying down mulch around plants as well as pulling out any weeds that were not taken care of by the previous Spruce-Up.

With forty plus volunteers helping out, we were able to cover the length of that parking lot and kids building within two hours. We worked together very efficiently and effectively as everyone pitched in. I helped out carrying bags of mulch, raking, and sweeping at the end of the project. While working, I was also able to meet other people and have pleasant conversations with those that worked beside me.

For me, one encouraging aspect of the project was meeting the volunteers, especially Diego. Diego is actually from Lake Arrowhead, where he is a member of Sandals Church. He was in town for EMT testing through the local fire department. Diego had seen our campus before when he had visited the fire department but he had not been in town on days we had events and had not been able to connect with anybody. The Spruce-Up was a perfect opportunity for him, and he didn’t hesitate to help! He met several members of the church, including me, and was super helpful and hard working. Having him there to help out was very encouraging, and I was stoked to meet him.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience. We didn’t waste time, work was completed efficiently, and relationships were established and grown. I’m looking forward to the next one!

-Jimmy Davis, Seabreeze Member