Volunteer Celebration 2019

by Seabreeze Church on May 22, 2019

I was very glad to have attended the Volunteer Celebration as I came away from it feeling both appreciated and informed about the direction the church is headed. The volunteers gathered in the auditorium for about thirty minutes before heading outside to enjoy dinner together. During that time in the auditorium, Bevan spoke about how grateful he was that so many people have continually volunteered time and effort toward Seabreeze whether they lead a small group or come out on a weekend to clean the campus.

Bevan also explained the handout that each person was given on their way in, sharing what the pictures represented and touching on the mission, values, strategies, and measures that Seabreeze employs to impact our community. He reviewed the goals the church has set and timeline which the church is following, sharing how these goals were decided upon and the practical steps Seabreeze is taking to meet them. I was particularly encouraged by the transparency of Seabreeze leadership in hearing how goals were decided upon and which Bible verses the Seabreeze staff used to inform their goals. In wrapping up this brief session I really felt like I could clearly see the vision of the church and what actions I, as one single person, could take to have a hand in helping make that vision a reality.

Heading outside to eat some classic TK Burgers I was struck by just how many people were in line! I chatted with several people all the way to get my burger while my daughter ran around and played with other kids. Sitting down to eat the food (which was delicious) I looked out and saw people from all age ranges, many I knew and many of which I didn’t know! People talked and laughed while kids ran towards the playground, cookies in hand.

My daughter and I stayed to hang out with the other families even while supplies were being put away. Multiple tables, chairs, decor, and remaining food items were put away in a matter of fifteen minutes or less, with the help of church staff and several volunteers who just started putting things away with smiles on their faces. Watching everything being torn down by happy volunteers who interacted with others so warmly, I felt I was in a place that exemplified genuineness.

–Alissa Fernandez, Seabreeze Member

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