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Week-Long Evening Sports Camp!

by Elliot Edwards on May 29, 2024

As a parent with young kids, I know the desire to find something over the summer for them to participate in. My wife and I want our kids to do something active, where they can make friends in an environment that is safe. This is why we love the Seabreeze Sports Camp in Huntington Beach.

The mix of sports – track and field, soccer, kickball, and basketball – gives them an opportunity to try sports they wouldn’t normally do. This helps wear them out so they sleep better – always a plus. They also participate in teams with their same age and gender so they make new friends throughout the week.  
Each night of the camp there is a virtue the kids talk about with their coaches. I appreciate that they are learning something that can inform the decisions they make and impact the people they are becoming.
I can’t end this blog without talking about the parent lounge. I’ve attended many practices and sporting events where I just stand and wait for the kids to get done. At the Seabreeze sports camp, there is a parent lounge complete with chairs, drinks, and food. At the parent lounge, I can sit back, drink a soda, eat some nachos, and either watch my kids or talk with other parents. It’s great!
Our family loves the Seabreeze Sports Camp! We are excited to participate in it this summer.


Some highlights from last year's sports camp:

Sports Camp 2023

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