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Construction Continues

by Tudor Marici on November 17, 2022

A lot of progress has been made in the last couple of months on the renovation of the Student Building! We are grateful for Visioneering Studios, who helped with the Kids Building. They are currently working closely with us as the architects while we manage the construction side of the remodel.

We are submitting our third round of plan checks to the city on Monday. While we wait for final approval, the project is underway, and we have some tentative milestones we hope to hit. One of the larger projects in this phase is the switch from single-room wall AC units to a centralized ducted system. This will not only be more efficient in cooling the future student space but also eliminate the loud hum of the wall units. The installation is well underway and in the next week we should be wrapping up all the ductwork. Once that is complete, we will be moving into running all the electrical conduits on the ceiling and framing out the dividing wall with the goal of having all the ceiling infrastructure complete by Christmas.

Construction Phase 2

This is big milestone that you could be praying for us to reach because it will then allow us to spray paint the ceiling and polish the concrete floors in January. Once the ceiling and flooring are complete, we can move into the more detailed finished work.

How you can be praying for this project:

  1. Items to be delivered on time or even ahead of schedule. We are still waiting on some key items which has put both electrical work and AVL (Audio/Video/Lighting) work on hold.
  2. Safety for workers.
  3. Continual progress and that it gets done in a timely manner.
  4. For the families and students who will be able to use the building. That the remodeled student space would be a place for many students to come to know Jesus and learn to walk with him.

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