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Dirt is Coming

by Lance Unrau on March 18, 2021

Demolition started on February 17 and was mostly done by February 26.

Since demolition was complete, the main topic has been locating dirt so that the hole can be filled. Whenever you bring dirt onto a site, there is a testing process the city requires to ensure the soil is clean. Visioneering Studios, our general contractor, and Tim Greenleaf, the demolition and grading sub-contractor, have worked through four different dirt sites, but each one had some issue; either the soils test came back poor quality, or there was not enough dirt, or construction was halted on the site we were going to pull dirt from.

As of today, we have a new site that has been tested and approved by the soils engineer and the city of Huntington Beach! There will be about 200 large truckloads of dirt coming early next week. Don't worry... we'll have a timelapse of that too!

Please be praying that the dirt import process goes efficiently and there would be no more hold ups like this in the project. Also, be praying in general as we work with the city for both clarity and efficient replies from them. COVID has presented some challenges in communicating as most city offices are still closed to the public.

We’ve never been so excited to have approved dirt!

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