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Framing Inspection Complete

by Lance Unrau on July 29, 2021

This past Sunday was the first construction walk through as a church. It was great to see everyone walk around, ask questions and imagine the activities that will happen there when the building is complete. Check out these pictures from Sunday's walkthrough:

Kids Building Walk Through - July 25, 2021

We passed our framing inspection on Tuesday, July 27! The inspector said the framers did a very good job and that the building looks really well done. This is an answer to prayer. We're grateful for our general contractor, Visioneering Studios, and for all the sub contractors working on the job.

Last week, roofing was completed, windows were installed and the rough mechanical/electrical/plumbing (MEP) inspection was complete. Lathing (the base layer for stucco) will be complete soon for the stucco portions of the exterior. Wall insulation will begin to go in this week and then drywall will start next week. HVAC units will be set on the roof early next week. 

What to pray for:
- Safety and skill of the workers.
- There are a number of items that have long lead times due to current volatility in the construction market. We are ordering things way ahead of when we need them, but please pray that the job does not get held up by any supply chain issues.

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