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Construction Blog

Let There Be Light!

by Lance Unrau on October 06, 2021

Power has officially been turned on in the new kids building! This is a huge step in the construction process. Lights are working, low voltage equipment is being installed - security cameras, alarms, projectors, speakers, etc. Flooring in the rooms is in progress. The inside of the building is just a few steps away from being complete. We are on track for interior completion within the next month. 

Meanwhile, on the outside of the building, concrete curbs have been poured, basketball court fencing is almost complete, exterior light fixtures are in place and final grading is happening. 

In the coming weeks, you will see concrete sidewalks, asphalt in the parking lot, and pavers at the entrance. The construction fence around the courts will be moved soon so that we can use the new courts as we ramp up for a long-anticipated Upward Basketball season

Upward Basketball Info

What to pray for:

  • There are shortages of various materials, so pray that all the materials needed for the rest of the project would be located. 
  • Various furniture/furnishings are delayed due to shipping issues or general shortages, so pray those items would arrive in the next 6 weeks.
  • Pray for wisdom, understanding, and knowledge for all those involved in the project (Proverbs 3:19-20). We're in the home stretch, so we want everyone involved to finish well!

Below are recent pictures of the construction site.

Construction Site on Oct 6

For more info about the kids building construction, check out the CONSTRUCTION BLOG.

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