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Painting and Interior Lights

by Tudor Marici on March 02, 2023

The outside of the New Student Building has been painted and the first Students sign has also been painted. Inside the building, the drywall has been completed and the interior painting has begun. The interior lighting has been put up and we are hoping to have the lights on soon!

Student Ministry Building Painting

Interior & Exterior

Currently, we are waiting for the fire alarm panel to arrive and be connected as well as some other key parts needed to finish the electrical work. As we near completion, various pieces of furniture and equipment have been arriving on site. It’s exciting to see all the boxes arriving as we push toward the finish line.

How you can be praying for this project:

  1. For the fire alarm panel and electrical parts to arrive so that we can move forward on schedule.
  2. For us to meet the deadlines and pass the final inspections smoothly and quickly.
  3. Safety for workers.
  4. For the families and students who will be able to use the building. That the remodeled student space would be a place for many students to come to know Jesus and learn to walk with him.

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