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Painting, Restrooms and Basketball Court Progress

by Lance Unrau on September 02, 2021

The kids building construction is moving fast! It seems to have picked up the pace even more in the last two weeks. So far, God has allowed the project to move forward without too many hang-ups. At this point, construction is ahead of schedule, which is great! 

On the exterior of the building, you'll notice a few things this Sunday. The stucco is almost completely painted! Metal canopies over the doors are being installed. Storefront doors in the entry and hollow metal doors around the rest of the building have been installed. Basketball court fence posts are set. 

On the inside, mudding and taping the drywall is finished. Insulation and scrim at the roof are complete. The restrooms have polished floors and tile on the walls. And the first coat of paint primer has begun.

Construction Site Aug 25 - Sep 2

What is happening in the next couple weeks:

  • Interior paint - ceilings should be painted this week. Once that is done, the walls will get a first color coat. They wait until near the end of the project to do a final coat of paint.
  • Light fixtures - pendant lights will be installed.
  • Restrooms - finish plumbing will go in next week and partitions will go in the week after.
  • Basketball courts - goal footings and court surfacing will begin soon.
  • Grading - there is still some grading work to be done around the building and then concrete site work will begin

Things to pray for:

  • Continue praying for skill and safety for the workers
  • So far, there are no large hangups in the supply chain, so pray for that to continue. We have ordered a lot of furniture for the building, so pray that it all gets here in time.
  • Good coordination and decision-making as we are in the last few months of the project.

For more information about the kids building construction check out the CONSTRUCTION BLOG.

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