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The Road to Groundbreaking

by Seabreeze Church on February 17, 2021


How did we get to this point with the plans? We got the architectural drawings and some other plans, but how did we get to this point?

Well when we moved on to this site 13 years ago obviously we stretched tremendously and God miraculously provided for us to be able to do this, so we couldn’t afford to build out the entire site with all of the balance and the needs and everything that would be required. So we knew at the very beginning that we were at some point going to need to do something like this to complete the property. The only question was the timing and when that would work, and so for the past three plus years or so we’ve both been setting aside money in the budget to prepare ourselves financially to put some money towards something like this and we’ve also been talking with and consulting with a lot of different experts, designers on how to best make use of the property we have and so we have been working on different ideas of a plan really for over three years now. And then just this last year, about a year ago from now, we submitted a first iteration of our plan to the church and asked for their input, their assessment on that. We took a lot of that input and that brought us to the particular plan that we’ve got right now building the kids building over center court and expanding the Upward basketball courts and a few other things beyond that. We’ve been on our way here ever since we moved onto this site, but that’s how we got to this place in this particular year.

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