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Tour the Construction Site

by Lance Unrau on August 19, 2021

This Sunday, the construction site will be open after each service so everyone can take a tour. You can no longer see through walls, so it is very different from just four weeks ago! 

Stucco and drywall are just about complete. This week, crews have been working on stucco, metal siding, drywalling, taping, mudding, restroom countertop framing, painting, and lighting. Within the next week or two, work will continue on the basketball courts. Fence posts and footings for in-ground hoops will go up for the two south courts.

What to pray for:

  • Safety, skill, and efficiency of the workers.
  • No major delays on equipment needed and furniture being ordered.

Here are some photos from the past three weeks:

Construction August 19

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