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A Campaign to Raise $750,000 for Church Offices

We are asking everyone at Seabreeze to prayerfully consider giving:

1. A one-time gift by the end of 2023 
2. Giving over the next year (2024)

We will share the total committed to Nextmove 2.0 on October 15.

NextMove2.0 Commitment CardGive to NextMove 2.0


A brief history of Seabreeze locations and campus projects

In 2018, we began to work to edit and finalize the master plan for the Seabreeze campus. We received input from the people of Seabreeze, architects, and builders to determine the best approach. Based on the input, we determined to finish the campus in three phases:

Phase 1

  • New Kids Building
  • Expanded basketball courts
  • Additional parking spots

Phase 2

  • Renovation project for...
    • Student auditorium & hangout space
    • Church offices, classroom, and storage

Phase 3

  • New permanent restrooms
  • Improved outdoor play area, outdoor kitchen, landscaping, and signage

In the fall of 2020, we launched a capital campaign called Next Move to raise $2.5 million to fund Phase 1. The people of Seabreeze went well above the $2.5 million and committed to give $3.7 million! This enabled us to begin Phase 2 and renovate half of the old Kids Building for a Student Ministry auditorium and hangout space.

Seabreeze Campus Completion Plan

What Are The Plans?

A walk-through the Church Office renovation project

Church Offices Gallery

Why Build Church Offices Now?

Simply put, waiting increases costs. We have contractors ready to move, and we have shown our ability to save costs by managing renovation projects like this in-house. If we choose to pause, it will likely be more expensive if we return to it later.

A second reason to build church offices now is staff and volunteer productivity. Seabreeze has 18 full and part-time staff members. The current office space is very limited. Most pastors set up temporary desks in an open room each week. In the short and long run, Seabreeze would greatly benefit from the increased productivity and camaraderie of the staff in one location.

In addition to staff, volunteers work in the office weekly. There are many teams during the week that come to help with various aspects of the ministry of the church. These offices would provide space for those individuals and teams to work. The church's work is highly relational, so having private and open spaces to work from on the Seabreeze campus would be a great benefit. 

How We Can Get There

As you pray about giving, here are three helpful questions to consider:

Question 1: What can I reasonably give?

Most of us have a sense of what we can give beyond our current, regular level of giving. This number likely comes to mind quickly. This is a great starting point for prayerful consideration of how you will give.

Question 2: What would I be willing to sacrifice?

This involves searching your heart and budget for ways to use your money for something different than what you planned. 

Question 3: What can I give through greater reliance upon God?

What would it look like if your commitment caused you to rely on God in a greater capacity? This question focuses on faith and positions you to experience God's faithfulness in new ways.

NextMove2.0 Commitment CardGive to NextMove 2.0

Ways To Give

Cash or Check - You can place your gifts in the offering on Sunday mornings or drop the gift in the mail during the week. Make checks out to Seabreeze Church and write “NextMove2.0” in the memo line.

Online - CLICK HERE to give one-time or set up recurring giving. Select "NextMove 2.0" from the fund options. You can also set up "Bill Pay" through your online banking. Make sure to put "NextMove 2.0" in the memo line.

Stock Transfer - These tax-deductible gifts are donated directly from your account to a brokerage account set up by Seabreeze. We sell the stock and use the proceeds to fund the Next Move 2.0 campaign. Contact our Administrative Pastor, Tudor Marici to set this up:

Other - You might have annuities, IRAs, land, or other valuable assets to contribute to this campaign. Contact Tudor Marici for these types of contributions.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Capital Campaign

Will we take on additional debt to fund this project?

No. We have a strong conviction to not go into more debt. The only debt we currently have is the commercial loan for the property. In 2021, we secured a 15-year loan with a fixed interest rate of 3.5%. This means the Seabreeze campus will be completely paid off in 2036. Taking out a loan to fund the church office renovation project would require refinancing our entire debt at today's interest rates, which is not a wise option. It is a possibility that we not move forward if we do not raise the necessary funds.

What if we raise more than the $750,000?

The $750,000 will complete Phase 2, but Phase 3 is still in the future. If more money is raised, we would consider beginning projects in Phase 3 – permanent restrooms, updated outdoor play area, redesigned patio, improved outdoor kitchen, etc.

Are we entering into a season of constant campaigns?

There is no Phase 4, so the campus is complete once Phase 3 is done. There is no looming campaign that we are planning. However, we hope to have financial campaigns in the future because that means God is working among us. The mission of God will continue, and it requires our time and resources.

About the Project

What is the total cost of the construction project?

The renovation cost for church offices is estimated at $750,000. We plan to source those funds 100% from the NextMove2.0 capital campaign.

When will construction begin and finish?

We hope to start construction this fall. It will likely last about six months. If everything goes to plan, we will be in the new church offices by the summer of 2024.

What exactly does $750,000 get us?

We have designed the offices with future growth in mind. There are twelve private offices, most of which are big enough for two people if needed. There is open office space that could fit up to nine workstations. In addition to offices, there is a printer/work room, an entry lobby, a collaboration/break area, a conference room large enough to fit up to forty people in rows, and a small storage space facing the courts (intended to be used primarily for Upward basketball/sports storage). See the "What Are The Plans?" video above for a walk-through of the project renderings. 

About contributions

When would I start contributing toward my commitment?

Commitment Sunday is October 1st. On that day, we are asking everyone to let us know what they plan to contribute to NextMove2.0. You can give a one-time gift any time before the end of 2023. Your one-year commitment will begin in 2024 and can be given at a frequency that works for you.

Should I reduce my regular giving to give to NextMove2.0?

NextMove2.0 is over and above regular giving. We ask that your commitment be in addition to what you already give to Seabreeze.

Can I change the amount of my commitment later?

Yes. None of us know what God has planned for us in the future. He may bless us financially beyond our imagination or take us through trials that challenge our resources.

What if I have more questions?

Email Pastor Lance and he will help answer your questions: .

NextMove2.0 Commitment CardGive to NextMove 2.0