Care Teams

Care Ministry

Care Teams meet the needs of families and individuals at Seabreeze during life events and crisis moments. We have various teams that assist to meet these needs. 

  • Memorial Team - When a loved one passes away, it is a time where the church can come around and support the family. This team helps host memorial services that occur on the Seabreeze Campus, being a helpful reference for attendees of the memorial who are not familiar with the campus, passing out programs, and assisting with other hosting needs.
  • Notes of Encouragement Team - When facing a great need or crisis, people can use some encouragement. That is what this team is all about - sending encouragement to those who are going through difficulty.
  • Helps Team - We all go through major life change, like having a baby, or difficulties, like accidents, sickness, or the loss of a loved one. Thinking about getting food on the table is tough in times like this, so this team organizes people to provide meals to families or individuals in these situations.
  • Visitation Team - In crisis it is encouraging to have people reach out to see how you're doing. This team becomes aware of members or attenders who are in the hospital so they can visit them and show that Seabreeze is there to support them.

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Connection Event Team

Throughout the year, we host Connection Events such as Breakfast in the Courtyard & Summer Nights that provide a setting for people to meet or connect with others from Seabreeze. Interested in helping us plan, prep, and facilitate these events? 

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