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Keep Communication Lines Open

by Andrew Mace on March 19, 2020

Junior high and high school students have been informed about COVID-19 since day one. With their own high-level of access to the media, or friends who have access, they have been inundated with thoughts and opinions from many sources. With the amount of information they take in daily, some good and probably some questionable, many students have already developed their own perspective on COVID-19.

It is possible, and entirely likely, that their perspective and opinion are different than your own. Whether it’s “I’m young and have nothing to worry about. I’m just stoked for the 2-week vacation,” or “I’m confused about how God could allow this to happen,” now is an important time to make sure that your lines of communication are open 

 Ask Questions and Listen

Ask questions and hear their thoughts as you talk about what is happening in the nation. Each day something about their life, and your life, is changing. It’s helpful to be able to process what they’re hearing and experiencing because the one perspective in short supply from the media is God’s perspective on COVID-19.

Here are examples of some questions you can ask your teen:

- "How do you feel about all the change that’s been happening?"
- "Is there anything you are anxious about moving forward?"
- "What in your life are you excited about?"
- "What do you think God is doing in all of this?"
- "How do you think God might be using this time in your life?"

Have Family Worship Services

Each Sunday, the adult Worship Service will be posted online for you to view with your family. During this time, while there is no message specifically for the youth, students are encouraged to watch the message with you. Each week, I will provide a few discussion questions HERE. The goal with these questions is to allow for an opportunity to talk and help students debrief the message and the greater questions they might have about COVID-19. 

Help Your Students Stay Connected

While group events are being cancelled more and more, we plan to use any and all means of digital communication with you and students to stay connected and keep communication lines open. We will continue to assess the following weeks as they come and let you know what is decided for upcoming Youth events.

I also encourage all parents to read the blog post from our Kids Pastor, Ethan, HERE. I found it personally challenging and helpful. If there is any way that I can be a help to you or your family, please let me know!

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